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Hotels & Resorts


We create food with purpose.

At Culinary Matters we have a talent for creating and communicating fresh concepts in engaging ways.

Our diverse background and in-depth industry expertise allow us to provide thoughtful and unique perspectives to our clients, assisting them in a variety of endeavors within the culinary space.

We will help you enjoy the process. Start making money with your idea.

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How we work

We Plan

Objective analysis, Concept development, Labor Modeling

We Create

Recipes, Menus, Experiences, Branding, Interior Design

We Execute

Building, Procurement, Training, Opening

We Celebrate

Stay engaged, Media Endorsements, On-going support

Eliminate the guesswork. 

When launching a new business or keeping your food brand relevant and competitive. 

Our Clients

Often become our friends. We love them. Meet a few of them.

Don't make it complicated.

Food Entrepreneurs no longer have to struggle with the complex tasks of developing and opening a successful restaurant concept. They can now focus in their true passion which is serving great food and making people feel special.

We will help you enjoy the process. Start making money with your idea.

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Our Services

Menu & Product Development

R+D, Product testing, Food programs, Cocktail program, Coffee program, Wine program, Menu engineering 

Branding & Interior Design

Naming, Logo, Architectural drawings, Kitchen Design, Printed Menus, Menu Boards, Packaging, Signage

Food Styling & Photography

Recipe videos, product photography, Stop motions shorts, Restaurant interior photography

Operations & Training

Recruiting, Food safety audits, Cost analysis, Inventory, Standard operating procedures, IT Systems

Why Culinary Matters?

Because we care about you and your business. 

We have a proven record of helping concepts of all scale and size, from hyper focused to authentic, from American to Asian cuisine.

World-class culinary and creative minds with 35+ combined years of experience will be working on your new business idea.

We have strong alliances with industry leaders of architecture, interior design, marketing, procurement, accounting, etc. You won’t be short of support.

Successfully provided concept development, culinary direction and kitchen management consulting for clients with new and established operations in Houston, New York, Louisiana, Chicago, Panama, and San Pedro Belize.

We have done it all. From concept creation for the cool taco shop down the street, to private cooking services to former US President.

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What matters to you is what's important to us: