An Eclectic New Happy Hour Destination Will Debut in Downtown Houston Early Next Year

The new spot will serve a broad menu of dishes, ranging from short rib pappardelle to Korean-style bacon

by Amy McCarthy  Dec 16, 2020, 11:17am CST

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A bountiful spread of dishes in the works for the Nash Kirsten Gilliam for the Nash

In early 2020, a chic new restaurant will open in one of Downtown Houston’s most iconic buildings.

Called the Nash, the restaurant is set to open its doors inside the Star, known to most Houstonians as the Texaco building, in January 2021. The space will include a floor-to-ceiling bar, open kitchen complete with a pizza oven, and an outdoor patio that makes bringing your dog to happy hour a possibility. The menu at this “American restaurant and bar” was developed by lauded chef Omar Pereney, who formerly served as executive chef at Peska Seafood Culture, among other gigs.

Boasting a laid-back vibe, the Nash will serve an eclectic menu of snacks and dishes that he describes in a press release as a “love letter to American food,” along with plates inspired by Pereney’s Venezuelan heritage. Dishes include Korean-style bacon glazed with gochujang barbecue sauce, short rib papardelle in 12-hour ragu, and pizzas topped with proscuitto, bacon, and corn. Tequeños, or bites of dough-wrapped Venezuelan cheese served with an array of dipping sauces, are also on the menu.

It’s exciting to see Pereney back in the mix in Houston’s restaurant scene. The chef has been working as a culinary consultant since 2018, when he won a battle with his former employer Peska Seafood Culture over a non-compete agreement that literally wouldn’t allow him to cook in Houston. When that litigation was pending, Pereney was not allowed to work at restaurants within a 20-mile radius of Harris County for almost a year.

The Nash is set to make its debut in mid-January 2021. Stay tuned for an official opening date.

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